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Please download and complete the Uniform Scholarship Request form and fill out completely. Include all necessary documentation and mail to:
Miss Greater Derry Scholarship Program, Inc.
Attn: Scholarship Request
P.O. Box 934
Derry, NH 03038
Do not address scholarship requests to Danielle Jean-Cowan, as these may not be delivered to our PO Box, delaying your payment.
Please send an e-mail to Gary  on the day that you mail the request to assure prompt service.
You may request to be reimbursed for bills you’ve already paid, but you must provide complete documentation.
 If you’ve paid for books or classes on a credit card, you must provide a copy of the credit card bill as well as a copy of the original bill from your school or school bookstore.
Reimbursements cannot be made without complete documentation.
+As per your contract, you must allow two weeks for your bill(s) to be paid. No exceptions will be made.
+If requesting money for your college bookstore account, please provide documentation from the bookstore to be paid.
+You are required to exhaust all funds from each local in the order of the fiscal year in which you won the funds, followed by the Miss NH Program for that year. You may then go to the next year. E.g. request all FY 2009 funds from Locals, then FY 2010 from State, then onto FY 2011 programs, etc.
+Please be aware that if the appropriate and complete documentation is not provided, this will delay the processing of your request. Scholarships will not be paid without the proper documentation. Should you have any questions or concerns regarding scholarship requests, please contact our President, Gary Kittredge. His e-mail address is on our contact page. You should copy the e-mail to our Director, Danielle Cowan.
Thank you for your involvement in the Miss Greater Derry Scholarship Program and best wishes in your educational endeavors.
The Uniform Scholarship Request Form and instructions are available in Acrobat PDF form. You may either print the blank and fill it out by hand or you may type the information directly into the form. Use the [TAB] key to navigate the fields. The completed form may then be printed or saved to your hard drive for future submissions (you will be required to have Acrobat V5.0 or later in order to handle the java codes that power the form). For those more comfortable with M/S Word, a copy is available for downloading.
Miss Greater Derry Scholarship Request Form
Miss Greater Derry Scholarship Request Form
Use Acrobat Reader software to open and view the pdf file. Browser plug-ins will open the forms but will not allow you to fill them in.
Have a Mac? Tired o f not being able to fill out Acrobat forms and e-mail them or use the submit button? Here is an Adobe Reader program for you. http://download.cnet.com/Adobe-Reader/3000-10743_4-10000060.html
Already have Acrobat for Mac OS X? Learn how to make it the default program so that your pdf files will open using the Acrobat Reader which will allow you to make changes and edit forms https://startit.artic.edu/kb/software/adobe/acro_reader_default.html
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