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We will provide you with all of the information, applications and samples that you will need to apply for this competition. If you have any questions about the pageant, please contact our Director, Danielle Jean. If you need assistance with downloading any material from this website, contact our webmaster Gary Kittredge. Their contact information may be found on our
contact us page.

*** NOTICE **** DEADLINE DATE IS JUNE 1, 2017 ***

May 27, 2017

Dear Potential Contestant:
Thank you for your interest in the Miss Greater Derry Scholarship Program. The Miss Greater Derry Scholarship Program will be held on Friday, June 16, 2017. Once again, our show will take place at the Derry Opera House in downtown Derry.

Photos: When submitting your photos, please make sure they are not copied, scanned & printed out, etc. These photos will not be accepted. This is in your best interest as a contestant; as your photo is the first impression the judges will have of you, and copied photos do not reproduce well in the program book and newspapers. Color photos are preferred. Please digitally provide (1) 5x7 head shot. Please email the picture to me at
TheVoiceStudio@comcast.net and a copy to gary@missderry.org. Deadline for photographs is June 1.

TALENT MUSIC:  Talent music can be emailed to
MUSIC@MISSDERRY.ORG. Please do this by the application deadline of June 1.  When submitting your talent music, please be sure to put your name in the subject line of the email along with the words, “Talent Music”.  (Example: Megan Cooley Talent Music) 

for our show will be $
12.00 and will be available to contestants first. We highly recommend pre-purchasing tickets as our venue has limited seating.  Tickets will once again be sold via our website for advanced seating.

INTERVIEWS will be held on
Wednesday, June 14th.  Contestants will be arriving at NH Academie of Dance (NHADance.com) at 2:45 pm. We will host our only rehearsal at 3pm, and Interviews will begin at 5:30.

As a contestant, you will compete in a 10 minute interview, talent presentation (1:30 minutes max), presence and poise in eveningwear, and physical fitness in swimsuit (Miss Division), Fitness (Teen Division). In addition, you will be asked one onstage question. Don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions. More information on the competition process is available at the following websites: www.MissDerry.org, www.MissNH.com, www.MissAmerica.org

ADDITIONAL AWARDS/DOCUMENTATION:  The Miss Greater Derry Scholarship Program, Inc. is proud to be one of the top-ranked locals in scholarship dollars awarded, awarding over $10,000 last year.  While you can win a great deal of scholarship money simply by competing for the title of Miss Greater Derry, we also offer other awards which you must submit for separately.  These awards are:

ACADEMIC MERIT AWARD: This award is given to the student with the most impressive academic achievements.  Applicants wishing to compete for this scholarship should submit an official copy of their latest transcript by the application deadline of June 1.  Transcripts can take a long time to get from your school to my desk, so I highly recommend requesting them immediately!

COMMUNITY SERVICE AWARD: This award is given to the contestant whom the committee deems most committed to community service.  Applicants wishing to compete for this scholarship should submit documentation of their work by the application deadline of June 1.  Please limit your focus to volunteer activities completed since January 1, 2017.  Photographs, letters from organizations you’ve worked with and other supporting documentation is allowed, and if used, should be included at the end of your submission.  Please note that submissions are judged on volunteer service performed, not amount of photos or beauty of submission. 

PLATFORM AND RESUME:  Please email your platform and resume to TheVoiceStudio@comcast.net, and include 6 printed copies with your application packet.  The judges will receive a digital copy of your paperwork weeks before the pageant to allow them time to prepare.

Contestants will be emailed after the deadline with regards to the theme and opening number attire.

*Late or incomplete applications will NOT be accepted.*

All of us at Miss Greater Derry are excited to be working with you over the coming months in preparation for the 31st Annual Miss Greater Derry Scholarship Program! Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns – I am happy to help in any way I can!
Danielle Jean
Executive Director & Vice-President
Miss Greater Derry Scholarship Program, Inc.

Please mail applications to:
The Voice Studio

Attn: Danielle Jean
16 Crystal Avenue
Derry, NH 03038



Late or incomplete applications will NOT be accepted




All documents are in Portable Document Format (PDF) If you require a different format contact Gary

Contestant Letter and Qualifications (what you read above)  

Full Eligibility Requirements for Miss NH State Finals and Local Program Finals

Scoring for Local Competitions DOWNLOAD
Here are the samples & instructions that you will need
Official MAO instructions for formatting your resume. DOWNLOAD
Sample Resume. This will help you get your resume written. DOWNLOAD
Official MAO instructions for formatting your platform statement. DOWNLOAD
Sample Platform. This will help you explain your platform. DOWNLOAD
Here are the applications and contracts Adobe Form
CONTRACT: This is a form that you can download and complete using your computer. You will be able to save this document with your changes. Be sure to read this thoroughly, it is a contract. Be sure that you have not missed any areas that you need to fill in. I have already filled in the name of the organization and title to save you some time. (Use handwritten form if you can not use Acrobat). The contract also contains the following 5 attachments: AVAILABLE AT THE MISS NH WEBSITE

(contracts were not available at the time of this posting 5/27/17/ Contact execassist@missnh.org to request one)

  (Attachment A) The General Information Form contains your contact information, platform, talent, and any special requirements that you may need for the pageant.
  (Attachment B) Medical Information Form contains information about allergies or other medical issues that we should know about and emergency contact information.
  (Attachment C) Scholarship rules and regulations for scholarship recipients (what you can use the scholarship money for and how long do you have to use it).
  (Attachment D) Dates These are dates for the 2017-2018 Miss NH program and are an addendum to your contract.
General Information Sheet: This is very important! Complete the form and submit it as soon as you can. This will provide us with the information we need to contact you and for us to complete our Program Book and Press Releases. If you have any difficulty with this form please contact Gary immediately.
Use the "SUBMIT" button to E-mail the completed form to
Gary. You must use Adobe Acrobat to complete the form (it will not work in your browser). Please submit this form as soon as you know that you are entering the Miss Greater Derry Scholarship Pageant. If you have trouble with the Adobe PDF please use the Microsoft Word .docx version (Office 2007 - 2013 users) Provide a printed copy to Danielle.

IMPORTANT: When submitting your General Information Sheet, please email a .JPG or .TIF headshot to Danielle Cowan and Gary Kittredge. We will re-size your photo so please be sure to use a vector based graphic of your photos for best results.

NOTE: You still must contact the local director so that s/he may send you additional local requirements, including dates.
IMPORTANT: Remember to check the Miss NH dates. Do not wait until after you win your local title to find out that you cannot make a rehearsal date. They are all mandatory once you get to the state level.




                                               DOWNLOAD CMN INSTRUCTIONS
To Register, click the link: http://www.missamericaforkids.org/



*** NOTICE **** DEADLINE DATE IS JUNE 1, 2017 ***

Dear Potential Contestant:

Thank you for your interest in the Miss Greater Derry’s Outstanding Teen Scholarship Program!

Attached you will find information on our competition as well as the application packet. The deadline to enter the competition is June 1, 2017, with the pageant being held at the Opera House in Derry on Friday, June 26. You will need to submit the info page of this packet, and a platform statement and resume as described at the links I’ve provided. No additional paperwork is needed for this local competition.
(These forms are available to download below.)

The program provides an opportunity for young ladies to win scholarships, develop poise, confidence, show stage presence, enhance interview skills, and improve speaking ability. It also familiarizes them with the Miss New Hampshire and Miss America scholarship programs for ladies ages 17-24. The young ladies make public appearances and volunteer for community service.

The Miss Greater Derry’s Outstanding Teen competitions are open to NH’s youths who are natural, talented and want to earn a scholarship to be used toward their educational goals. The Miss Greater Derry Scholarship Program is an affiliate of the national non-profit Miss New Hampshire/Miss America Scholarship Organizations. The Miss America Organization, through its state and local competitions, is the largest scholarship provider for women in the world, awarding over $45 million annually in scholarships. Nationally, our organization has been named top 3 in the country for scholar-ships dollars awarded, and locally, named first in our state for many years. We are thrilled to extend this success into a Teen and Preteen program.

Miss Greater Derry’s Outstanding Teen will receive an official Crown, Sash & Trophy and $200 scholarship to be used toward their educational goals. Runners up will also receive scholarship awards.

Miss Greater Derry’s Outstanding Teen Requirements:

To compete in a local program you must:
Be at least 13 by the first day of the Miss NH's Outstanding Teen Program (Click here to veiw the Age/Education Eligibility Chart);
Be no older than 17 years of age on July 31, 2017
Be a US citizen;
Live or attend school full time in New Hampshire for at least the last six months prior to the competition; Some local competitions also have geographic restrictions - contact the local director for more information.
Be in reasonably good health;
Be able to meet the commitment and responsibilities as set forth by the local and state programs; 
Be able to participate in the Miss NH's Outstanding Teen competition in Derry, NH in February 2017, and should you win the state title, be able travel to Orlando, Florida in August 2017 for the Miss America's Outstanding Teen competition.
Must not be eligible to compete in the Miss level in the Miss America Program at any point during the current pageant year, call the Miss NH Office at 437-9027 if you have questions)

Be able to make the following appearances:

Miss Greater Derry Pageant (TBA 2018), Derry Holiday Parade (11/2017)

Derry Memorial Day Parade, compete at Miss NH’s Outstanding Teen (February 2018), Crown your successor at next year’s pageant. (TBD)
          *If you are 17 and entering your Senior year, this makes you eligible for the Miss division.

Categories of Competition

The Teen and Preteen contestants participate in four categories of competition and each is scored 1-10.The values of each category are: 25% Interview – 35% Talent – 10% Lifestyle & Fitness – 20% Eveningwear and & Onstage Question - 10% Scholastic Achievement.

Interviews are 8 minutes each for teen and 5 minutes for preteen. We will use a podium for the teens and a chair for the preteens. There is no opening or closing statement. Sunday dress, skirted suit or pants suit attire is appropriate.

Talent 1:30 is the maximum limit.

Physical Fitness All contestants need to wear a sleeveless, fitted leotard or tank, black shorts, and white tennis shoes. You may wear a belt and accessorize your outfit. The leotard or tank should not have spaghetti straps and should be form fitting but not tight. It can be any color of your choosing. It needs to be a solid color with no embellishments. White ankle socks should be worn with your shoes.

Evening Gown Dresses may be long or short, and most important – age appropriate.

Onstage Interview Both the teens and preteens will be asked an onstage question coming from their contestant information form.

Photo Requirements

Each contestant must provide electronically (as an email attachment) a head & shoulders photo-graph that will be printed in the official program book and the judges’ workbooks along with a biographical sketch to be printed beside her picture. Black & white photos reproduce the best and any size is fine. You may choose to use a school photo, a professional headshot or a picture taken by family or friends that you feel would reproduce well. If you would like to have headshots taken, the Miss Greater Derry Scholarship Program recommends both Katrina Bernard Photography and Todd Ward Studios for their excellent work, quick turnaround and great prices. These photographers are local and can be contacted via their websites at KatrinaBernardPhotography.com and www.toddwardstudios.com. Prior to the competition, all contestant photos will be posted on the Miss Greater Derry website (www.missderry.org) and also our official Facebook page.


Talent Music:

As previously noted, talent performances may not exceed 1:30. This is strictly enforced. For newer contestants who need edited music, there are a few options:

Itunes now offers some of their karaoke tracks in edited formats.

www.karaoke-version.com has many backing tracks for under $3.00

www.musicalcreations.com offers edited backing tracks for $8.00

Chase Productions can edit any song to 1:30, generally via email, for approximately $35. (www.ChaseProductions.net)



All documents are in Portable Document Format (PDF) If you require a different format contact Gary

Miss Greater Derry Outstanding Teen Application DOWNLOAD
MGDOT General Information Sheet (E-mail to Gary and print a copy and include it with your documents to Danielle) DOWNLOAD
MGDOT Resume Instructions DOWNLOAD
MGDOT Platform Instructions DOWNLOAD
MGDOT Sample Platform DOWNLOAD
MGDOT Contract Not available at time of posting 5/27/17
contact execassist@missnh.org

*** NOTICE **** DEADLINE DATE IS JUNE 1, 2017 ***









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